BrainAttack App

BrainAttack App is an easy-to-use tool that helps doctors save the lives of stroke patients. The App helps doctors follow standard medical criteria to quickly determine patient eligibility for life-saving treatment known as tPA.​

tPA Eligibility

The BrainAttack App offers a speedy & thorough process to determine tPA eligibility. Doctors can have confidence they are following standard of care guidelines.​

Stroke Scale

The BrainAttack App National Institute of Health (NIH) Stroke Scale is an App tool, which means it works even without an Internet connection, giving doctors anytime, anywhere access to the Stroke Scale.

BrainAttack App

The BrainAttack App helps determine stroke patient's eligibility for tPA treatment. It assists medical staff systemically determine tPA eligibility within 3 to 5 minutes based on established inclusion and exclusion criteria. The App features tPA eligibility tool and NIH Stroke Scale.

The tPA Eligibility Tool presents a series of questions regarding patient symptoms and relevant medical history. Based on the responses to the questions, the tool determines tPA eligibility.

The Stroke Scale is an implementation of the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS). The NIHSS is a systematic assessment tool that provides a quantitative measure of stroke-related neurologic deficit. The BrainAttack Stroke Scale is native iPhone App based tool that does not require internet connectivity to use.

A New Version of the BrainAttack App with latest Stroke Guideline updates is now available in the App store. Please download the latest Apps for your respective platform by clicking on the App store, Play store links.