BrainAttack App’s Brother and Sister Team:

BrainAttack App is a joint venture of PHI Consulting Inc., and NeuroCare Technology Center. Balu Kadiyala is the CEO of PHI Consulting Inc. and Dr. Koganti is the President and Founder of NeuroCare Tech Center PC.

Mr. Kadiyala is a veteran information technology executive based in the Chicago area, Kadiyala has served in executive positions at Affirmative Insurance Holdings, FreddieMac and Sears and has 15 years experience providing strategic IT services to Fortune 500 companies including Dell, Bosch Tools and Samsung. BrainAttack App is the culmination of his fascination with and experiences in internet and mobile technology applications to solve business problems.

Mr. Kadiyala worked with his sister, Dr. Madhuri Koganti, a Dallas-based neurologist. Dr. Koganti completed Neurolgy Residency at Henry Ford Health System. Dr. Koganti worked as a faculty at Henry Ford Hospital for a few years. Dr. Koganti later moved to New Mexico and worked at a community hospital. It was there she realized that physicians at community hospitals are very nervous about giving tPA to stroke patients. She has extensive experience in treating stroke patients and was involved in developing protocols for patient safety. She was also involved in developing stroke protocols for the hospitals. She is currently practicing in Dallas area.


Dr. Koganti became increasingly frustrated that less than 5% of U.S. stroke patients are getting this life-saving treatment. So she turned her brother to partner in the development of a smart phone application that would help physicians identify patients who are eligible for tPA and deliver this time-based treatment quickly. The faster tPA is given, the better the outcome is for the stroke patients, as the treatment cannot be used 4 1/2 hours after the onset of stroke.BrainAttack App, the result of their two-year effort, reduces to 5 minutes a long, cumbersome process for medical professionals trying to determine whether a patient meets medical criteria for receiving tPA.

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