BrainAttack App

tPA Eligibility

​Neurocaretech's BrainAttack tPA Eligibility App improves stroke patient treatment outcomes. The tPA eligibility tool determines if the patient is eligible or ineligible for tPA treatment systemically based on established inclusion and exclusion criteria. The use of the tPA tool introduces an innovative care process for acute stroke patients that results in improving the patient outcome.* This App was developed based on stroke experts, neurologist’s input and current practice guidelines.

The tPA eligibility App presents a series of questions regarding patient symptoms and relevant medical history. Based on the responses to the questions, the tool determines tPA eligibility. The questions are evaluated against three types of decision criteria. The decision criteria for tPA eligibility includes inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria and caution criteria. The inclusion criteria determines if the patient meets the inclusion criteria for the tPA treatment. The exclusion criteria determines if the patient is excluded from tPA treatment. And caution criteria determines if caution is advised for tPA treatment. The eligibility result is displayed in a format that can be printed/email for future reference.

The App features:
Criteria based on current practice parameters.
​Criteria established and tested by practicing Neurologists.
Native iPhone app does not require internet connectivity.
Real time feedback with color coded background based on user responses to criteria.
Ability to go back and forth to adjust user responses.
Final summary result can be printed or emailed.
Highly interactive tool using native iPhone touch features.